Lose weight and stay healthy for FREE!

Follow your CertifiedKetoDiet weight loss plan for 28 days and get a full refund!

We guarantee that our diet works, so we will reward you for losing weight by giving you FREE weight loss plan!


How to get a full refund?

It's very easy! Prove that you have followed the plan with 3 simple steps:

           🥑  Follow your plan for 28 days

           🥑  Take pictures of your meals and send them to us

           🥑  Receive a full refund! 

What is 28 day Keto Challenge?

Our 28 day Keto Challenge offers you the chance to get a full refund* if you stick to your plan for 28 days!  

How does it work?

To get reimbursed for your Keto weight loss plan, you have to make self-made photos of all 3 CertifiedKetoDiet meals every day and send them to meals@certifiedketodiet.com.

After 28 days you can apply for a refund via our HelpDesk choosing Request Subject 28 Days Challenge. Our support team will check if you have passed the challenge and process your refund!  

That's all it takes! Follow our Keto plan for 28 days, take photos, share them with us and receive a full refund! We guarantee there are no hidden fees or commitments for you. This challenge is all about motivating you and making sure that you reach your weight loss goal in no time!

When does the Monthly Keto Challenge start?

The challenge begins when you send us your first photo.

What happens at the end of the challenge?

If you successfully follow the plan for 28 days, you will not only lose weight but also get back money that you’ve spent on the monthly base nutrition plan!  

*This challenge applies only to the payment made for the monthly Base Nutrition Plan. Other features that you might have added to your Base Nutrition Plan won't be refunded.