What is CertifiedKetoDiet? What is CertifiedKetoDiet?

What is CertifiedKetoDiet?

Keto Diet Made Easy and Personalized with CertifiedKetoDiet!

The keto diet is a great way to lose weight when done correctly. With CertifiedKetoDiet, you don't need to study diet books and search many websites. We provide an easy keto plan filled with tasty, nutritious meals that are designed by certified nutritionists and fitness trainers and are tailored to your unique needs for optimal health and weight loss results. Enjoy easy meal planning and tracking with CertifiedKetoDiet, your all-in-one app for a smooth keto journey.

Take Advantage of Our Patented Nutrition Technology!

Your plan will be prepared specifically for you with tasty and easy to prepare recipes using our patented nutrition technology. The main advantage of our nutrition technology is that it analyses the effectiveness of different dietary plans, base conclusions on data and, as a result, gives you the right action plan!  

Join the CertifiedKetoDiet community!

Join a community where support and guidance are just a click away, ensuring your path to wellness is clear and exciting. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a life full of vitality and joy.

Access to Your Custom Plan in minutes!

After the purchase, you will get a Keto diet nutrition plan in a DIGITAL FORM. You can access your nutrition plan online from your computer or phone. We do not send any physical nutrition plans to your email. 

And this is how your online KETO weight loss plan looks! Delicious!




And this is how your delicious KETO meal recipes looks! Mmmmm! Enjoy!


For additional Nutritional value and many more tricks and tips how to get rid of unnecessary extra pounds, choose our Premium planJust login in your account, if you already bought your KETO plan, and choose the Premium plan!


If you don't like the recipe, with Premium Plan you can choose a different one! Genius, isn't it!


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Join the thousands who already have transformed their life with CertifiedKetoDiet!

Sanita (39) lost 14kg

"Of course, I had my low point and wanted to put an end to this. But I did not stop and now everyone has noticed the transformation. After all, I’ve lost 14kg and my clothing size has gone down by half: from size 16 to size 8. I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments."

Arnie (42) lost 10kg

"I thank myself for never stopping. Every time I weighed myself, I became noticeably happier. The weight loss plan gave me a great surge of energy and I felt the desire to become more active. My overall well-being also improved significantly."


Irita (33) lost 12kg

"In the very first weeks it was hard to put myself together and start. But, I pushed myself through the first week and I started seeing the first results: the weight had gone down already and I felt much better. That motivated me to continue, and, until now, I’ve lost a total of 12kg."