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You can request a refund, but we do not recommend that. A refund is not what you wanted in the first place. What you wanted is a dream body. Remember? More than one million our users have achieved it with our weight loss plan and you can be one of them! You can be healthy and fit too. We know that! Give yourself and us a chance!

However, if you do want to cancel your CertifiedKetoDiet.com weight loss plan and ask for a refund, please contact our customer support by submitting a request: Submit a request within the Withdrawal period. Please note that you can apply for a refund just within Withdrawal period*

*Withdrawal period - the Client has a right of withdrawal from the Distance contracts unless he has consented to the beginning of the performance of the Distance contract (started using or accessing the content) during the withdrawal period. The withdrawal period is 14 (fourteen) days for European Union citizens and 5 (five) days for non-European Union citizens from the day of conclusion of the Distance contract or the delivery of relevant Goods.

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If you dispute your payment or request a chargeback with your credit card provider, we will not be able to refund the transaction, and it might take months until the final resolution. Cases closed in the merchant's favor can't be reversed, so we kindly ask you to stay patient and give us a chance to resolve it directly with you.

The law for consumer rights with credit card disputes, known as the Fair Credit Billing Act, states that consumers must make a good-faith effort to handle purchase problems with the merchant before filing a dispute.

What happens if you falsely dispute a charge?

Depending on the circumstances, the sentence for someone convicted of fraud can include prison time. Merchants can take customers to court over fraudulent chargebacks, and many jurisdictions will pursue criminal charges for chargeback-related fraud.