What is CertifiedKetoDiet.com all about? What is CertifiedKetoDiet.com all about?

What is CertifiedKetoDiet.com all about?

Keto diet is a low-carb diet that results in ketosis. To achieve this, the diet has to be very low in carbohydrates and high in dietary fat, with a moderate amount of proteins.

We offer personalised and healthy Keto nutrition plans that are designed by certified nutritionists and fitness trainers. 

After the purchase, you will get a Keto diet nutrition plan in a DIGITAL FORM. You can access your nutrition plan online from your computer or phone. We do not send any physical nutrition plans to your email. 

We recommend you to upgrade your nutrition plan to the Premium plan and you will receive Premium plan advantages:

🥑 nutrients and calories - accurate information provided for all products and recipes
🥑 one special trick for each day that will help you lose weight more effectively
🥑 possibility to choose a different recipe
🥑 special tricks for you to lose weight even faster and easily reach ketosis
🥑 detox and real power drinks - accelerate weight loss, boost energy and health: you'll feel fantastic!
🥑 what are the best times for meals for maximum ketogenic weight loss effect
🥑 cheat day guidelines and recipes
🥑 treats that can be added between meals
🥑 reasons why some people fail on keto diet
🥑 less known rules you must follow to be more successful while on keto
🥑 tips on what to do whenever something unexpected happens and you just can't follow the meal plan
🥑 and much more!

To start your Premium plan you will need to log in your weight loss account and you will find your Premium plan! 

If you need assistance, please contact your nutritionist in the chat section. We will be happy to help you!