What's included in your plan What's included in your plan

What's included in your plan

After the purchase, you will get your Keto weight loss plan in a digital form. You can access it online from your computer or phone.

Your plan will be prepared specifically for you with tasty and easy to prepare recipes using our patented nutrition technology. The main advantage of our nutrition technology is that it analyses the effectiveness of different dietary plans, base conclusions on data and, as a result, gives you the right action plan!  


There are 5 main sections of your web based app so its really easy to navigate:

Screenshot_2023-04-27_at_12.44.18.png Daily recipe section

Screenshot_2023-04-27_at_12.44.22.png Premium section

Screenshot_2023-04-27_at_12.44.25.png Chat section

Screenshot_2023-04-27_at_12.44.28.png Shopping List

Screenshot_2023-04-27_at_12.44.31.png Your Account



After logging in you will see your daily weight loss plan with 3 recipes and 1 snack.

By clicking on the recipe, you will see the ingredients along with the instructions on how to prepare the meal. Our recipe database is constantly updated with new and tasty recipes. 



After each meal you can mark it as eaten. With Premium plan you can see the Nutrition value and have an option to choose a different recipe for each meal!





Premium section contains a lot of useful tips and tricks that will help you to reach your goal much quicker! In this section you will also have many interesting articles that will help you better understand Keto diet and processes that are happening in your body! 



This is where you can reach out to our support team and ask any question you might have come across along the way. Our certified nutritionists will be happy to assist you. 



Here you will be able to create a Shopping list to get all necessary products for your meals. 



In this section you can manage your meal plan preferences, update your personal data, manage your subscriptions and much more!