You will receive access to your weight loss plan as soon as you make the payment and enter the necessary information on our website

Please be informed that our weight loss plan is subscription based, if you don't wish for Service to automatically renew, you have to cancel the subscription yourself by logging in to your Profile here: and follow instructions:



In case you haven't received an email "Congratulations, your nutrition plan is ready"  from after making the payment or you can't access your weight loss profile at

1. please check your Spam/Junk and Promotion folders. The letters might have ended up there by mistake!


2. you may have entered your email address incorrectly (mistyped) during the registration process.  You can check if your email address is correct in you Profile. Go to: PROFILE => WEIGHT LOSS ACCOUNT. If the email is incorrect please edit it.



To access your weight loss plan profile at, after you made the payment for your weight loss plan, you will have to do 4 simple steps:

a. decide if you want to accept our Terms of Service and continue with the process. Remember, that in order to reach your desired goal and to make the most out of your plan, we strongly suggest you to confirm our Terms of Service. There are 2 options from which you can choose - program with monthly subscription (this means that you can use the program for as long as you need and you can cancel your subscription any time in your profile); if you decline the terms, you will have the program for 30 days. 


b. review special promotion offers like Premium plan, Shopping list and Annual plan), to set up your weight loss plan for even better weight loss journey experience. These additional services will improve the results and help you reach the desired goal even quicker! Please decide if you want to accept them or not and follow the next steps to access your weight loss plan: 


c. customise your account (create password for your profile, enter additional information for your profile, like your name, telephone, country etc):


d. answer honestly on additional 12 nutrition questions to make some final touches on your weight loss plan:


e. and as soon as you finished to enter the necessary information you will access your customised weight loss plan profile:


If you have any inquiries, please contact our customer support team via Submit a request, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



If you try to access your weight loss plan in your profile, but your login details seem incorrect, and you can't log in, please use the I FORGOT MY PASSWORD link on your login page:


An email with password reset instructions will be sent to your email address which you used during the registration process. Make sure you enter the right email address which you have used during registration process. Don't forget to check your email's Spam folder just in case our letter ended up there!

Once you have changed the password according to the instructions, you will be able to log into your account again.

If you haven't received the password reset link to your email, or if you have any other inquiries, please contact our customer support team via Submit a request, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


If you HAVE NOT PAID FOR THE WEIGHT LOSS PLAN YET, come to our website and we will tell you about Keto diet and get you started with a Keto diet plan!


Be healthy! We know that you will achieve your desired results!

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