How to access my weight loss plan How to access my weight loss plan

How to access my weight loss plan

🥑 After a successful payment we will send you registration confirmation email with information how to access your plan.

🥑 You can always access your meal plan from the browser here: 

Please be informed that our weight loss plan is subscription based, if you don't wish for Service to automatically renew, you have to cancel the subscription yourself by logging in to your Profile.

🥑  Registration email not received?  

In case you haven't received registration confirmation email from after making the payment:

1. please check your Spam/Junk and Promotion folders. The letters might have ended up there by mistake!

2. It is also possible that you have misspelled your email address during the registration process. If so, the registration confirmation email never arrived in your mailbox. Please get in touch with our support team and attach the receipt of the payment made to us - this way we will be able to locate your account in no time! 


🥑  Remember that after the payment there will be 3 more easy steps you should take in order to access your plan:
a. review offers for additional features like Premium plan and Shopping list, to set up your nutrition plan for even better experience. These additional services will improve the results and help you reach the desired goal even quicker! Please decide if you want to accept them or not and follow the next steps to access your weight loss plan.



b.  customise your account: create a password, enter additional information such as telephone number, country etc.


c. Honestly answer 12 additional nutrition related questions, so that we can personalise and adapt the plan exactly to your needs


Once you are done with the above mentioned steps, you will be able to start your journey with us!