How to manage my Premium plan subscription How to manage my Premium plan subscription

How to manage my Premium plan subscription

If you tried our Premium plan already and were unable to achieve the desired result, please reach out to your nutritionist in the chat section! Together we will get to the bottom of your situation and get you in shape in no time! We are here for you! 

If you are sure about your decision to cancel the Premium plan, it can be easily done in your weight loss account at any time.

After, you will see a pop-up window confirming that your Plan has been successfully canceled.

Please note that all our subscription plans are recurring - that means that unless you cancel the subscription for your chosen Services it will renew automatically.

IF YOU DON'T WISH FOR SERVICE TO AUTOMATICALLY RENEW, you have to cancel the subscription at least 48 hours before the end of current period, in which case, the Services will be terminated upon expiration of the then current term. 

Currently Premium subscription is helping 55% of our users to achieve results they wanted! Are you sure you want to cancel?  

Premium plan advantages:

🥑 nutrients and calories - accurate information provided for all products and recipes

🥑 special tricks for even better results

🥑 option to choose a different recipe

🥑 cheat day guidelines and recipes

🥑 treats that can be added between meals

🥑 tips on what to do whenever something unexpected happens and you just can't follow the meal plan

🥑 and much more!


Be healthy! We know that you will achieve your desired results!

Your team